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Bath, Soap and Body Scrub Tips

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

A new skin with a Natural Coffee Body Scrub

Bathing is a habit that we have grown up with doing it daily in a natural way. However, it is important to note that taking care during this process can avoid alterations such as dryness, premature aging, and redness. Our skin requires constant and delicate care since it is exposed to different climatic changes and ultraviolet rays.

Coffee Gori Body Scrub wants to accompany you in this process to help you maintain healthy skin. We are thinking of you and the benefits of having healthy skin. We would like to share the following simple tips:

•Don't take a for bath for more than 7 minutes and avoid bathing in very hot water. The main reason is because staying for long periods under water at high temperatures causes the cells to die, dries the skin and causes premature aging.

•Avoid perfumed body soaps, these alter the natural PH of the skin, cause the skin to lose softness, and shine while also causing irritation to appear that gives the skin a tone of red. It is recommended to use soap only on the armpits, genitals and toes.

•Make sure to rinse products that contain chemicals from your skin properly during bathing to avoid dryness, irritation or any type of condition.

•Exfoliating your body with Coffee Gori Body Scrub once or twice a week will help cell regeneration. This will help remove dead cells, giving way to the production of natural skin oils, returning collagen and elastin. Choose a body scrub that can be applied directly with your hands, so you can massage in circles.

•Do not use sponges, gloves or scourers, this hurts the surface of the skin.

•Dry all skin very well, humidity can cause fungus and / or infections to appear. Make sure to wash the towel 2 times a week.

Follow these tips and don't stop using our Coffee Gori Body Scrub to see amazing results in the first week.

Visit our website for more details about the many benefits of our Body Scrub!

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