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Benefits of exfoliating your skin

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

The skin is the largest organ in our body. Its function is to protect the body from external factors such as bacteria, chemical substances, the different temperatures of the environment, and it also helps to eliminate toxins from the body. It is very important to have healthy habits and use high quality products that promote healthy skin.

The body scrub is a very important product in skin care and must be included in our beauty set. The exfoliant is responsible for removing the dead cells found in the skin, making it look brighter. A body scrub should be used at least once a week to keep skin hydrated and firm.

If you want firm, smooth, shiny and hydrated skin, Coffee Gori Body Scrub is the best option. This body scrub is combined with 11 all natural ingredients, in high concentrations that help to generate collagen and elastin. These ingredients help your skin obtain a shiny, smooth, firm, and hydrated skin. This Body Scrub is characterized by being made with 100% Colombian coffee and its beans do not hurt or scratch the surface of the skin. This makes the massages relaxing and ideal to maintain healthy skin.

Regular exfoliation with a natural Body Scrub product that helps the skin produce natural oils has the following, (Check Coffee Gori Body Scrub benefits):

  • Anti-aging: It activates circulation and promotes oxygenation.

  • Eliminates Dead Skin Cells: showing off clean and toned skin.

  • Renew your skin: stimulates the release of toxins through the pores of the skin.

  • Better Appearance: Leaves a smoother, more uniform look all over the body.

  • Ally in waxing: helps prevent the formation of ingrown hairs caused by waxing.

  • Enhances the tan: makes your color look more intense and uniform, without spots or dark areas.

Why should every part of our body be exfoliated?

Body: ensures effective regeneration so that the skin absorbs nutrients and looks alive. It is recommended to use a natural body scrub that does not contain salt, citrus, and artificial odors.

Face: prevents the appearance of imperfections and improves the texture of the skin. It is recommended to use an oil-free scrub that is going to prevent acne.

Hands: helps the skin to be more silky, smooth and ready to receive any type of hydration. You can use the same type of body scrub on your hands and feet as the rest of your body.

Feet: smooth rough edges, relieves pain, provides rest and comfort.

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