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4 Tips to take care of your skin in the summer

1. Exfoliate the skin to make it clearer and smoother

What it does: The exfoliation removes the remains of dead skin, to help the skin breathe and receive the vitamins of the moisturizer.

When: Exfoliate once a week for five minutes in the shower. It should be a massage in a circular and gentle motion.

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2. Keep skin hydrated

How: Use a hydrating body lotion or butter that is fast absorbing.

When: Use butter or body lotion every day after showering and after sun exposure.

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3. Apply and reapply Sunscreen!

Why: The skin must be protected from UV rays. Studies conducted in the United States indicate that a large percentage of the population does not apply adequate enough protection against sunlight as they should.

How much: A teaspoon of coffee for the face. For the body the amount necessary for the body to be protected.

Frequency: You should apply sunscreen every two hours. If it is exposed to high temperatures and excessive perspiration every 45 minutes. Avoid exposing yourself to the sun from noon to late afternoon.

4. Water and more Water

Why: High temperatures and open air cause internal dehydration.

What to do: Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of plain filtered water. This helps the body maintain moisture from the body and skin in addition to removing toxins from the body.

Recommended: Plenty of water!

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