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"Coffee Gori for me is faith, resilience and love, that's why I develop, prepare and pack each one by hand"

Natural Beauty Products

Our Story

Ever since she was little, Angela's mom and grandmother taught her to take care of her skin. She grew up seeing her family prepare and create masks, scrubs, and moisturizers made with completely natural ingredients.  In each product the main ingredient was Colombian Coffee, and with the exceptional results that preserve beautiful and firm skin throughout the years. Angela was motivated to continue growing professionally and took a chance to move to the United States.  But the drastic climatic changes compared to her native Colombia caused her skin to undergo strong changes, leaving it dull, extra dry and rough. This led her to prepare more of the recipes that her mother and grandmother taught her. As the days and months passed, she saw very favorable and beneficial results in her skin that lasted throughout the different seasons of the year.


She fell completely in love with the fact  that all these recipes handed down from generation to generation were really amazing and safe. It was there that her curiosity took hold of Angela and led her to further explore the world of skin care while maintaining her legacy of natural skin care that is safe and doesn’t use harmful chemicals.


She specialized in natural formulation to further explore the benefits of nature and share it with the world. The Colombian Coffee scrub was the first product with which Angela brought Coffee Gori to the world, honoring her mother, grandmother and of course her country, which is known as the country with the best coffee in the world.

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