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Planting a Tree

Founded, Formulated, Made
& packed by Women

Coffee Gori World is a generation of women who love nature, especially the coffee that grows in their native country of Colombia.  They have passed recipes and formulas down from generation to generation seeking to preserve and maintain the natural beauty of men and women safely while being responsible for the all human beings and nature.

Our Colombian coffee was hand selected by us due to it originating from the Andes Mountains of Colombia and being grown on small farms located on volcanic soils.  This makes our coffee extremely rich in minerals, from the volcanic soil, that provides extra hydration and restoration to your skin.

The Colombian farmers work diligently to ensure that each coffee bean is of the highest quality, preparing the land in advance to plant each seed, ensuring that each bean grows in ideal conditions until it’s harvest time. When it’s time for washing and drying, the selection of the best coffee beans are made by hand and thus manage to maintain the high quality standards in an artisanal fashion.  Then at the time of distribution the beans are in the best condition to conserve the maximum amount of minerals.

Herbal Medicine
Herbal Medicine

The other ingredients that are used for the production of our skin care products are highly scrutinized so that our suppliers only use the highest quality standards that help enhance the benefits of the Colombian coffee.  This ensures that our product has the highest concentration of ingredients to maximize the effectiveness and the results so that you have amazingly shiny skin!

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