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How is the selection of the ingredients?

We make sure that the selection of each product is the best and meets the quality standards that benefit the skin. Also, we make sure that our suppliers are the best and meet the quality standards that we require. We do the pertinent tests of the products before we use it in the products.


What skin type is it safe for? 

It is recommended for all skin types, especially for delicate skin with a tendency of dryness, with strong exposure to climate changes that have caused the skin to lose shine and softness. 


Does COFFEE GORÍ helps with blemishes?

Yes, we handle adequate amounts in our ingredients so that all minerals and antioxidants in coffee remain intact, in addition minerals and vitamins that the oils and butters contain help to improve the appearance of stretch marks.


What makes COFFEE GORÍ skin care products different from the others?

Coffee Gorí originates from the deep heritage of the Colombian culture. The coffee comes from the Colombian Andes Mountains, an area known for lands rich in minerals and vitamins.   We blend a perfect combination with different oils and butters, each of these components has a different skin repair function. We pack an exact mixture of each ingredient to achieve smooth, moisturizing results for the skin.

What makes COFFEE GORI unique?

COFFEE GORÍ works with top quality products.  The coffee is selected and processed under extreme quality standards and we pack high concentrations of each ingredient in the product to obtain excellent and safe results.

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