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We combine more than 14 ingredients in two products that cleanse, regenerate and moisturize the skin, giving it a luxurious shine while refreshing the skin.


Our Colombian Coffee scrub is our first product and one of the best sellers. A gentle exfoliant for the surface of the skin, this is due to the fact that we ourselves grind the coffee beans and grains to the ideal size to provide a deep cleaning while avoiding scratching the skin. The all natural coffee beans we use give off a natural aroma of caramel and vanilla.  This is very typical of this type of coffee bean that is cultivated in the volcanic land, making it powerfully enriched with minerals and antioxidants. Along with all these benefits we have added other natural ingredients, oils, and butters that will help improve elasticity and promote collagen in the skin.  Collagen gives us that plump, youthful look and keeps our skin from sagging as we get older. Our scrub is water, alcohol and salt free.


Our body butter is made with Colombian Coffee Oil, antioxidants from coffee extract, and is enriched with Vitamin C, thanks to the orange oil it contains. A soft and refreshing scent comes from the way we mix coconut oil and roses, along with other natural ingredients, that combine together to create this amazingly light scent. It is light, smooth, and quickly absorbed. Our body butter leaves a moisturizing sensation for 12 hours and is not greasy. Our body butter is free of water, alcohol and salt.

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